Lilliput Childcare introduce Child Paths

At Lilliput Childcare we’ve been providing a range of childcare services since 1987.  Over the years our community of children, parents and of course our own team of childcare professionals has evolved but throughout the years our dedication to providing the best care for the children and optimum customer care has remained at the heart of our business.

Child Paths at Lilliput Childcare


We’re always happy to look at options to help us improve upon our communication with families and with this in mind we’ve looked this year at options to embrace technology in order to simplify this process from parents to Lilliput and vice versa.


Child Paths is a software programme which comes with an app which you access remotely but securely and which we will be implementing in our creches from June 2016.   This tool will enable our team to give you, our customers real-time feedback on areas such as news from the creche, what activities your children are undertaking and of course key areas such as nutrition and sleeping also.  In short it enables parents to become more involved in their child’s day, something we know is important when we’re dealing with the most important people in your life.


Outside of the creche you will also have the option to record important milestones in your child’s life such as the first steps or first haircut so that you’re over time building a memory of your child’s early years which makes for a super gift to them in the future.  And at all times the information you choose to share remains protected so it’s available just to you or anybody you choose to share it with.


Below you will find a video which outlines how Child Paths works and the key benefits, please do spend a few minutes on this as it addresses a lot of the queries you may have at this point.  Our team are undergoing training at the moment and will be happy to address any concerns you may have.




If you’d like to learn more about Child Paths you can find their website by clicking here, you will also be receiving information from each of our creches to advise on what is involved in implementing this programme which will ultimately benefit both our teams and our families whilst helping us further improve our Lilliput Childcare community.


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